Better Late Than Never: Scenes From the RNC’s Google/VF Party

100_3228.jpgAlready the conventions are speeding away into the past as we hurtle toward this election and learn to speak Palin (we’re still trying to sort out how objective media translates into deferential).

However! The RNC only happens every four years (it’s going to take us at least that long to recover from last Wednesday night’s speech), and how often does one get to attend a party with Henry Kissinger, Charlie Rose, Meghan McCain, and Fred Thompson?


We used Politico‘s Ben Smith (that’s part of his face to the left) as a decoy…we weren’t quite sure at first that was Jeri with Fred Thompson, but concluded in the end she’d just colored her hair.


Meghan McCain


Charlie Rose


This is the part where we interrupted NY Mag‘s Jada Yuan in the midst or her interviewing the NYT‘s David Carr.


Michael Calderone, Tammy Haddad, and Rachel Sklar