Betsey Johnson to Design Eloise-Inspired Room at the Plaza Hotel


Do you hold fond memories in your heart of writer Kay Thompson and illustrator Hilary Knight‘s Eloise books? Or better still, have children who have taken a liking to them? If so, and you happen to have lots of disposable income, now’s your chance to experience some of the book, as fashion icon Betsey Johnson will be designing a suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York based on the series of books staring that precocious youngster and her pink and black-striped home within the famous hotel. The suite hasn’t been finished yet, as Johnson has been wrapped up with all the trappings of Fashion Week, but will begin work designing it just as soon as this week ends. However, the Plaza already has their reservations pages up and running and those who stay in the suite will have access to its two bedrooms, receive a copy of Eloise, some postcards, and free “Super Duper Sundae from In-Room Dining.” Rates start at $895 per night, or $3,595 per night for the “Live Like Eloise Slumber Party Package.”