Best Quotes from the Sunday Shows, 2.23.14

ABC’s “This Week” – “The world is going from connected to hyper-connected now.  And what that does is that it concentrates wealth at the top.  It distributes power at the bottom.  And it injects transparency everywhere.” — Thomas Friedman

CBS’s “Face the Nation” – “I think the greatest disconnect is really between the ideologues that have taken over the once proud party of Abraham Lincoln and made it impossible for our Congress to do things that the vast majority of us, Democrats and Republicans throughout the country, agree make sense…” — Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD)

“Fox News Sunday” – “Well, people power is prevailing at the moment, but people power against tanks is nothing, so the question is how ruthless is Putin? He has a track record, and his track record suggests that he is absolutely un-reconciled to the diminished status of Russia, and this is his chance, perhaps his last and only chance, to try and recapture great power” – George Will

NBC’s “Meet the Press” – “There is not an inherent contradiction, David, between a Ukraine that has longstanding historic and cultural ties to Russia and a modern Ukraine that wants to integrate more closely with Europe. These need not be mutually exclusive.” — National Security Adviser Susan Rice

CNN’s “State of the Union” – “The idea that a kid has one marijuana cigarette and you send had him to prison where they can learn to really be a hardened criminal is not thoughtful public policy.” Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)