Ben White Comes To Washington

The voyage to Washington from New York last night wasn’t a smooth one for Ben White, who writes Politico’s Morning Money tip sheet. It’s a tale of inappropriate nail clippings and a bathroom foyer.

It began on the Acela train with a fellow passenger speaking at an unacceptable volume in the quiet car. “Shouted down Acela quiet car violator,” White tweeted, apparently unaware that there’s no shouting allowed in the quiet car. “If he wants to step to me it is ON like Donkey Kong.”

White’s restless temper escalated with another nuisance on the train. This time, a passenger began clipping his nails. “If you clip your nails in a public place like the Acela train there is a 100% chance I want to kill you with a claw hammer,” White said. He followed up, “At this time the conductor will be coming through to collect your tickets and MURDER you if you are clipping your nails.”

Things didn’t fair much better for White at his hotel… which was the luxurious W. His name is already mud at the Madison Hotel, where they had never heard of him back in July after he’d made a reservation to stay there.

“ Nothing like walking into a hotel room and already being in the bathroom,” White tweeted about his room’s awkward bathroom locale. “Way to go W Hotel, D.C., way to go.” To the right is a photo of the bathroom and yes, that’s his hotel door by the sink. White said he had “never seen anything like it.”

Making matters worse, there was an apparently loud gathering of people above White’s room. “Of the many seriously NOT awesome things about the W Hotel in D.C., I’m literally underneath the party happening on the roof. It is awful,” he said.

Known for bitching about hotel accommodations, White dutifully complained to the front desk, “I know I’m a terrible hotel whiner but this place is bumming me out hard,” he tweeted at FishbowlDC.

Though White seemed miserable, at least one person was enjoying his trip. “Dude, you’re killing me! Your tweets should be bound and sold for money!” said one follower. “This is my dream,” White replied.

White said he wouldn’t stay at the W again. “No way,” he told FishbowlDC. “Ridiculous prices for everything. $6 small bottles of diet coke! A room that opened onto the bathroom and that incredible racket from the roof bar.”

Truth is, he misses the former hotel. “I loved the old Hotel Washington growing up,” he said. “Went to the roof restaurant for lunch many Sundays. And they have turned the place into a faux-hip disaster area for poseurs.”

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