Because, As Luck Would Have It, NY Needs a Beach Dome

File this under: umm, yep. On Zach Klein’s blog today, he talked about being randomly approached to invest in KemQuest Ventures, Inc., who are hoping to construct a gigantic fake Polynesian-themed beach in a dome in rural New York. If it’s some sort of actual possibility, it sounds like the type of absurd monstrosity that would draw in two types of people: a) ironic hipsters looking for a totally crazy vacation spot, and b) people who would genuinely like to spend a day at a fake Polynesian-themed beach in a dome. Actually, make that three types, because this writer is a little of both. Here’s a bit of the design description he was sent:

Our Beach Pavilion, situated in a massive dome, will consist of a record breaking four acre indoor beach with a man-made realistic shoreline and boardwalk Our Water Kingdom Pavilion will consist of an assortment of rides designed to get patrons wet.Designed as an area to allow guests to warm up, dry off, and relax, Our Hospitality Pavilion is to include a public sun room with specially designed state of the art heating elements in its ceiling structure for warmth, comfort, and reduced dry-off time.

It continues on like this forever.