Beat it Costas: Meet NBC’s Newest Sports Broadcaster: Steven Colbert

In perhaps the smartest move NBC has made since…since…man, it’s been awhile…I don’t know, Seinfeld?…the network has added Stephen Colbert to its Winter Olympics team to cover speedskating.

Colbert got the gig in large part thanks to his fundraising efforts on behalf of the U.S. speedskating team. From the L.A. Times:

[T]hanks to an on-air invitation from Dick Ebersol, the head of NBC Sports, Colbert will be reporting for the network and will be spending, as he puts it, “hours and hours” at the speedskating oval. The Canadians have named him ombudsman of the arena, and U.S. Speedskating has given him the title of team psychologist, proving that $300,000, which is what Colbert Nation has raised so far, does get you something.

“A credential,” he quipped.

Landing Colbert is a huge coup for NBC’s struggling Olympic coverage, which General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt predicted last December would cost the network $200 million.