Bay Guardian Wants A Piece Of Village Voice Media

It’s been nearly two years since the SF Weekly was found guilty of predatory pricing designed to undercut rival newspaper San Francisco Bay Guardian. So far SF Weekly‘s (and LA Weekly‘s) parent company Village Voice Media has refused to pay the $21 million in damages they owe to the Guardian. But recently an SF court gave the Guardian a chance to collect a little cabbage when it ruled they could seize assets from the SFW – two delivery trucks and the rent checks the paper collects from subtenants.

But the money from that victory doesn’t go very far towards paying off the $21 million, so Monday the Guardian filed for a lien on the assets of Village Voice Media. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Once a judge imposes a lien in such cases, giving a winning plaintiff an interest in the other company’s property, [Guardian attorney Jay Adkisson] said, the next step is usually naming a receiver with the power to pay off the debt from the funds of the losing company.

“It wouldn’t shut them down,” Adkisson said.

But [VVM attorney Randall Farrimond] said a California judge’s lien against an out-of-state corporation would be legally dubious, and the subsequent appointment of a receiver would be a drastic step, with “potential for disruption in the operation and management” of the Weekly.