Bay Guardian Publishers Step Down After 45 Years

Bruce Brugmann and Jean Dibble, co-founders of the progressive alternative weekly Bay Guardian, announced Tuesday that they would be retiring from their roles as publishers. The move is in connection with the anticipated sale of the paper to the SF Newspaper Company LLC, owner of the San Francisco Examiner. The Guardian said of the sale:

There are no plans to change the editorial content or positions of the Guardian, which will remain the voice of progressive politics and alternative culture in San Francisco. Executive Editor Tim Redmond will stay on in the expanded role of executive editor and publisher.

Bruce and Jean will remain involved in the paper in a consulting role. The famous “Bruce Blog” will continue uninterrupted.

Brugmann is also selling the newspaper’s building for $6.5 million to real estate firm Union Property Capital. As the San Francisco Business Times notes, the Guardian might be selling out in more ways than one – UPC “was an active player in the dot-com-era gentrification that the progressive weekly newspaper fought so hard to thwart.”

Hat tip to LA Observed, SF Weekly.