Deadline Gets the Barbara Walters Scoop

Score one for Nikki Finke‘s tireless TV editor. It is Nellie Andreeva who arrived first this morning to the news of Barbara Walters‘ TV retirement plans, although she initially confused many with the suggestion it would be May of this year. From her updated item:

I’ve learned a plan has been put in place for Walters to announce her retirement, eyed for May 2014. Fitting for Walters’ status as the grand dame of TV journalism and a signature face of ABC News, I hear she would be given a big sendoff with retrospectives and other special content in the weeks leading to her retirement that would celebrate her 52-year broadcast career.

The breaking news on Deadline sent other outlets and media journalists into overdrive. Some, like The Daily Beast and the New York Daily News, were happy to give Deadline the link-back love, credit. Many others preferred instead to frame the developing story via the new-sources, we-separately-confirmed drill.

Warm wishes for Walters are already flowing in. Check out for example this early comment by hollyvet to the Andreeva Deadline item:

I met Barbara Walters 56 years ago, when she was a publicist for the Tex and Jinx local television show. She was great then and I am sure she is now. I think I had a small crush on her during the short time I knew her. Enjoy you retirement.

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