LA Times Beijing Bureau Chief Barbara Demick Earns Stanford Journalism Award

The 2012 Shorenstein Journalism Award that LA Times Beijing bureau chief Barbara Demick will accept at Stanford early next year comes with a very impressive descriptor. She is being honored, says the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, for “her innovative and extraordinarily sensitive reporting on Northeast Asia over the past decade.”

Demick has been with the LA Times since 2001 and the paper’s Beijing bureau chief since 2008. She has also earned many accolades for her fall 2010 book Nothing to Envy, about the lives and experiences of a select group of North Korean defectors. In a recent Q&A with, here’s how she answered when asked to recount her most shocking or heartbreaking story about the DPRK:

“There is a story in my book that the doctor told me. She had a friend, another woman doctor, whose husband and son died of starvation. When she expressed her condolences, the friend said it was good that they were gone because she didn’t have the extra people to feed. That story stuck with me more than any others.”

As part of her acceptance of the Shorenstein Journalism Award, Demick will take part in a February 11, 2013 lunchtime panel discussion about the different ways of viewing North Korea.

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