Banksy Wall Sells for $200,000…Now What?


Following up on a story from the other day, the BBC is reporting that the eBay bidding has closed on the wall in which a Banksy original is painted on. The grand total? Just over two hundred thousand pounds. Although the owner of the wall isn’t saying that the deal has gone completely through or not, we’re thinking that, even if this falls through, he can go to any number of the bidders before and pick up nearly that much. Still though, they have to spend another five grand removing the painting from the wall itself, so that might be the deal-breaker (“Geez, I just spent my last two hundred thousand. I really don’t have anything left.”). And then there’s some other questions too:

Bobby Read, art expert at specialist insurer Hiscox, said: “Banksy is a maverick as well as a hugely talented artist. It’s an intoxicating combination for buyers as this price shows.

“The Portobello Road wall is a special piece and probably the largest piece of Banksy art work to have been sold at a public auction.

“This sale poses many interesting questions for the art world. How do you move a piece of work like this, how do you display it and how do you insure it?”