Journo Sings the Praises of Her Much More Talented, Musical Brother

DaveSabinaNot too long ago, ex-New York regional newspaper reporter Susannah Strumfeld decided to take a vacation of sorts. Having quit her job with Spotlight Newspapers in the summer of 2013, she headed west, where she immediately began second-guessing her decision:

I flew to California to travel with my brother Dave and his girlfriend, Sabina, for 10 straight days, the most we had spent together in years. I was skeptical to go at first. I had just quit my job and gotten out of a relationship and here I was, in sunny California, with my brother and his girlfriend – the musical troubadours who were madly in love. I thought my heartbroken self was going to die. They made incredible music together and sang into each other’s eyes and they were healthy and happy and I wanted to kill them.

But then I realized how happy their music made me. And how happy they made me. And how playing music with them was so natural. And how Sabina inspired me to travel like my gut was telling me to. And how their ridiculously complicated love story brought hope to my cynical self.

Strumfeld has been blogging about these and subsequent travels for the Times-Union and this month, has come home and full circle. Per her latest entry, brother Dave and Sabina (a.k.a. Band of Lovers) have launched a very precise $6,834 Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of an album in NYC. She is asking readers to support the campaign.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.