Ban The Ray-Bans: A Retrospective Look at Cheesy Specs in Advertising

Best we can tell, they finally took down those billboards for the CBS show Shark. Why they left them up for so long is anybody’s guess. The billboard (which we’ll have to describe here because we couldn’t find an “official” reprint anywhere online) features James Woods peering out over his very black sunglasses with the L.A. skyline just over his right shoulder.

This is a classic pose — as in classically lame. Just as the Gap has no business whoring Hepburn, James Woods and the folks at CBS should have known better than to try to revitalize a standard 80s billboard pose.

In a tip of our shades to Mr. Woods and company, here is the Official FBLA list of Favorite Sunglass Peering Posters Ever. From the Good, to the Bad, to the Really Bad, to the Just Plain Awful.
lolita.jpeg risky_business.jpg
hollywooddoc.jpg FwDaJPoster2.jpg