Backstage Magazine Awash in a Drudge Deluge

Is anyone monitoring online reader comments at Apparently not.

After Drudge Report linked yesterday morning to Daniel Holloway’s very serious item about a half-dozen Hollywood casting directors receiving death threat voice mails on Sunday, November 7th and reporting the matter to Teamsters Local 339, the trolls came out in full force. Thanks to a Backstage commenting template devoid of any filters or verification mechanisms, reader feedback quickly devolved into a frightening window unto Drudge Nation.

Here’s just a sampling:

Mike N: It would be good to see a lot more death threats, considering the talentless garbage created by most of the film studios these days.

wrangler911: Hahaha so the Teamsters are worried about death threats. Looks like they’re getting a little taste of their own medicine and they don’t like it.

hankthespank: Union thuggery – the calling card of the angry liberal.

Backstage is a sister outlet to The Hollywood Reporter, Ad Age, Billboard and others. C’mon guys, get with the commenting programming program. Or at least call up Central Casting for someone to play the role of Moderator.