Back to School With Peter Turchi


Class was in session tonight for the third Schools of Thoughts conference, which has a special little place in our hearts–Schools of Thoughts 2 was the very first design conference we ever covered, back when we felt so overwhelmed about knowing everything there is to know about design that we bought all the speakers’ books in the conference bookstore.

Co-organized by Louise Sandhaus, Petrula Vrontikis and Denise Gonzales-Crisp (who was present in spirit, but in Prague), the conference opened with a keynote speaker who was quite honestly a home run. Peter Turchi wrote the awesome book Maps of the Imagination and was given the job of focusing a room of design educators on the task of “mapping the future of graphic design.”

You know how it goes with the non-designer speakers who sometimes speak to designers; sometimes they just pepper their talk with “key phrases” and desert the audience a few minutes in. Not the case with Turchi–he had us at this statement, which seemed to say everything about both design today and the role of an educator: “Even to be lost is to be somewhere,” he said. “Especially as artists, we want to get lost to be able to discover places that were never there before.”