Baby Boyle: Daily Caller Scribe Cries ‘Assault’

In a video posted to The Daily Caller last night, reporter Matthew Boyle tracks down U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. John de Jongh at Reagan National Airport. While we give him high marks for his tenacity, we question what actually happened. Boyle wants to ask the Gov. why he is in Washington when the trip isn’t on his official schedule. Boyle and his cameraman hop on an escalator for a slow moving chase to try to question him. All the while, a bodyguard for de Jongh stands between Boyle and the Gov. When the chase spills outside we hear Boyle squeal, “Why are you touching me?”

Unfortunately, this happens off camera, so we don’t know what the bodyguard did. Hell, we don’t even know if the bodyguard even touched Boyle. So, what really happened? We reached out to Daily Caller NonSpokeswoman Nicole Roeberg and to Boyle himself to inquire what injuries he suffered from the ordeal and whether he called in the attack to the police. Shockingly, neither one is talking.

So, what’s the deal? Boyle seems to have made the whole thing up. His headline says that the bodyguard “assaults” him. There is no assault on tape. Is Boyle so fragile that the mere presence of a bodyguard makes him tremble and cry “assault”? The bodyguard barely even raises his voice at Baby Boyle. Come on, Boyle. Surely, you have enough balls to take a little talking-to and not turn it into an “assault.” Maybe next time you should do your report with a pacifier in your mouth, you big baby.