Axelrod and Edwards Didn’t Get Their “Groove” on…

In a very Axelrod-heavy interview, David Axelrod tells CBS' Jim Axelrod that he "didn't groove" with former client, John Edwards

In a very Axelrod-heavy interview, political strategist David Axelrod told CBS correspondent Jim Axelrod that he “didn’t groove” with former client John Edwards.

David also told Jim in the interview, which aired earlier today on”CBS Sunday Morning with Chardles Osgood,” that he didn’t think Edwards “was terribly interested in the sort of drilling down of policy and really coming up with solutions.”

He and Edwards had worked together during Edwards’ unsuccessful Presidential run in 2004 — a professional relationship that stands in stark contrast with another former Axelrod client, Barack Obama.

“It was striking to me the difference between the two of them, because Barack always wanted to drill three and four levels deep on these things,” said the political strategist. “And he was really moved by the substance of this, and what is the right thing to do. And I felt like John wanted to do what he needed to do to get to the next rung.”

David also discussed his new book, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics, with Jim — addressing his future in political strategy, reconciliation with his family, and one of the President’s greatest weaknesses.

“I think one of the weaknesses has been that he doesn’t apply the same campaign skills to governing, the same driving of a message relentlessly. He tends to take on lots of things at once, and it creates diffusion,” Axelrod told Axelrod. “And it’s hard for people to know how it all adds up.”

David has been in the news recently for his new book which, among many controversial comments, contained allegations that Mitt Romney‘s concession phone call to President Obama following the 2012 elections was less than civil.