China Set to Expel Second NYT Reporter

AustinRamzyTwitterpicIn the weeks since we first reported about the plight of Austin Ramzy, his bosses at the New York Times have been lobbying hard for the renewal of the reporter’s annual Chinese work visa. Today, per an update from colleagues Andrew Jacobs and Edward Wong, it’s looking very grim:

Despite objections raised by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in meetings with its top leaders, China appears set to force a correspondent for The New York Times to leave the country this week…

Ramzy, 39, has been based in China for more than six years. He was granted a month-long visa to remain in China at the end of December, but the government has indicated that he will be required to leave when that visa expires on Thursday.

Ramzy would be the second Times reporter recently expelled from China following Chris Buckley at the end of 2012. If the situation remains as-is, Ramzy would continue to cover China from beyond the country’s borders. A difficult but not impossible task.

Ramzy will also continue to seek a longer term Chinese residency visa. Read the rest of the NYT dispatch details here.

[Photo courtesy: @austinramzy]