Au Revoir, Wemple

We thought we’d have a chat with outgoing Washington City Paper editor Erik Wemple before he heads to the Village Voice and get his thoughts on his time in DC.

1.) What are your hopes for the future of Post criticism in DC?

Well, I hope that whoever takes the helm of WCP next continues writing about the Post, and I think that it’s an obvious place to devote resources. There simply aren’t enough outlets covering WaPo, and it’s a place that verily lends itself to accountability. People there pick up the phone when you call and assist you in doing your stories, so you can have a lot of fun covering the place.

2.) What is your fondest memory from your journalism career in DC?

Launching Expresso, the parody of Express that we handed out on the very same day that the Express itself debuted. It was great fun.

3.) Yankees or Nationals?


4.) What is the one thing you WON’T miss about DC?

No voting rights. The civic slights that we suffer as a result of our status here take a toll after nearly 20 years as a D.C. resident.

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