The Atlantic’s July/August Issue Gets a Second Printing

And Donald Trump wasn't even on the cover.

Atlantic-Uncle-Sam-ArtIn a tiny victory for print, the physical version of The Atlantic’s July/August issue has been so successful that it has warranted a second print run of 25,000 more copies. The issue has already sold double the number of copies The Atlantic did the same time last year, but then again, 2015 was only the first year of this election season.

The cover story, if you haven’t seen it, is “How American Politics Went Insane” by contributing editor Jonathan Rauch, and is accompanied by a cover featuring a straightjacketed Uncle Sam huddled in the corner of a white room.

“At a time of troubling newsstand performance for many magazines, it was kind of thrilling to order up a second printing for this issue,” said Atlantic president Bob Cohn in a statement. And really, who doesn’t like a good print-is-still-popular-sometimes story as print heads to its inevitable end, however long that may take?