Atlantic Cities, Politico Mag Both Launch Year-Long Tech/Infrastructure Series

It seems “urban reinvention” is all the rage these days. Both The Atlantic Cities and Politico Magazine announced separately today that they are launching year-long reporting projects to cover technological innovations in American cities.

Atlantic Cities, a standalone site from Atlantic Media that focuses on innovation and urban issues, will launch a series focused on transportation called “The Future of Transportation.” The nine-month special series is supported by The Rockefeller Foundation and led by Cities editors Sommer Mathis and Eric Jaffe, and will “examine the full extent of America’s transportation challenges and explore how U.S. cities are reinventing the way we navigate them.”

The series will be presented in three parts, starting with “The Perfect Commute,” then “The Smartest Trip,” and finally “Design in Motion.” The introduction to “The Future of Transportation” series went live today, including an overview of the history of American commuting.

Politico Magazine’s series  “What Works,” is presented by JPMorgan Chase and “spotlights a new city each month and the policies, strategies and technologies that are transforming each city.” They will also take “What Works” live throughout the year with a series of events on the transformation of America’s cities to be held in different locations across the country, culminating in a year-end conversation with thought leaders and policymakers in Washington.

The debut feature, online today, explores the reinvention of Pittsburgh, fueled in part by the growth of a homegrown robot industry.