At Home With the Closest Thing to a Rock Star In Graphic Design


When not being a slave to the beat, Chip Kidd hangs his Walter Gropius-styled eyeglasses in a now-famous apartment in New York. While not the first publication to peek inside Kidd World, the Telegraph’sWarning: Graphic Material” gives us the gratuitous Jurassic Park reference and the anecdote about the cover that almost killed Augusten Burroughs‘ book Dry. But for some reason we were drawn to this very important paragraph:

USA Today called him ‘the closest thing to a rock star’ in graphic design today. To which Kidd responds, ‘It’s cringe-inducing. It makes me wonder: “If I’m such a rock star where are my groupies?”‘

Although we beg to differ with the USA Today quote–it was actually Veronique Vienne who was quoting other sources, see for yourself–Kidd gives a very good reason for why he gets a little more attention than his peers:

“I think that I get recognition for my work only because it’s standard that your name gets put on the back flap of the book if you’re a book designer. It’s not standard for most graphic designers.”

And really, must you ask where your groupies are? We’re right here, Chip. We’re right here.