Ask Piranhamous Anything

Today we have another installment of: “Ask Piranhamous Anything.” And we do mean anything. Send your queries to This isn’t an advice column — Piranhamous doesn’t know what the hell you should do with your life any more than you do — and worse, he doesn’t care. Try to keep your questions short — we want to keep this fun, simple and insightful.

1. Was Fox News right to dump Dick Morris?

Good God, yes.  Dick Morris is like a used car salesman who sells a Yugo like it’s a Porsche, but no matter what he says, it’s a Yugo. Ironically, Fox wanting to dump him was so obvious after the election that even he could have accurately predicted it was coming.

2. Which profession do you regard as worse — politicians or journalists?

Tough call, but I have to go with journalist. That a politician lies is expected, almost required. A journalist is supposed to be honest and objective, even though some haven’t been for a decade at least. So when they lie, people don’t know any better and believe them. No one believes a politician.

The last question pertains to Twitter rules…3. Should news outlets have stringent rules and guidelines as far as Twitter goes?

I’m of two minds on this one. From a practical standpoint, yes. They have to protect their brand and can’t have their employees exposing their biases when they’re supposed to be neutral. But from a personal perspective, I like knowing where they’re coming from in their tweets, at least the ones without the good sense to hide their personal feelings, so I’m opposed to it.