Ashton Kutcher is Foiled by Reporters

Ashton_Kutcher - 7 -.jpg

Ashton Kutcher‘s show Pop Fiction is clearly a favorite of ours.

It’s cute when celebrities dance around on that tight-rope of being annoyed because they are followed too much by the paparazzi and being in fear that they are not being followed enough. It brings out the sadist in all of us. Like watching a cat with tape stuck to its paws.

But we can all rest easy – the media isn’t duped by Ashton’s hijinks. As the NY Daily News lets us in on:

“There’s nothing these people do that we don’t know about before they get there. We know everything. Ninety percent of their lives are put together by other people. It’s almost like these celebs have LoJack. It’s easy to track them. “

That’s right – JLo has LoJack. And Ashton’s show needs to stay on the air because we don’t want to have to work that hard to find other stuff to write about.