Arianna’s party strategy: is she Pajama-blocking?

Many conspiracy theorists readers have emailed FishbowlLA positing that Wednesday’s Gawker Media / Huffington Post party was deliberately scheduled to conflict with the Pajamas Media launch the same night in New York (special guest: Judith Miller!), as an attempt to deflect attention to what might end up being the first serious threat to the HuffPo’s position as the center of new-media punditry.

Could it be? It could be, but I don’t think so. Don’t look a gift party in the mouth, people!

Anyway, we’ll be posting the winning HuffPo party betting pool ballot later. Meanwhile, here’s another contest for those attending: The Huffington Post / Gawker Media Party Photo Scavenger Hunt. Bring your digital cameras along and try to snap photos of the following:

– Any Huffington Post contributor in earnest conversation with Arianna

– Any Huffington Post non-contributor supplicating Arianna for an invitation to become a Huffington Post contributor (try to capture this in the body language of the shot, please)

– Any freelance journalist eating more than one appetizer simultaneously

Also, we’ve gotten guesses about how many bathrooms are in Arianna’s house ranging from six to seventeen. We’re guessing eleven and will try to post photographic evidence after the party.