Arianna Thinks Opinion is Good, Also Facts!

Choire Sicha interviewed Arianna Huffington for this weekend’s Los Angeles Times — turns out Huffington still loves newspapers! Also, (perhaps not surprisingly) she doesn’t see the proliferation of opinion onto the the front pages of newspapers as a bad thing at all.

It’s absolutely a good thing. Also, just the question presupposes there is something inherently wrong with a journalist or a newscaster having an opinion, which is a continuation, for me, of the misperception of the highest calling of a journalist being neutrality. In fact the highest calling of a journalist is finding out the truth, wherever the truth lies. . . . And that’s very different than we get from Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, which is opinion completely disconnected from fact.

The part about Arianna loving the print (which didn’t make it to the article) actually comes from Sicha’s personal blog.

I don’t think books will disappear. I think they’re appealing to different needs. And I see the future as a hybrid future, I don’t see it as a future where only online exists. I actually have felt that even more than a couple years ago. I was on vacation in the Caribbean and our host had software on his boat where he would print newspapers. And there we were overlooking the Caribbean, all of us totally wired–laptops, iPhones, BlackBerries– and we’re passing around the New York Post and the Herald Tribune.