Arianna Overload: Huffington’s Publicist* Deserves A Raise


A book party — and general human blogginess — that worked publicity wonders for Arianna Huffington.

  • Huffington is a liberal’s best hope [Marketwatch]
  • “Speaking to Radar at a party for her book, On Becoming Fearless, Saturday night …” [Radar]
  • Serial charmer and conservative turncoat Arianna Huffington reinvents herself yet again [New York]
  • Huffington puts fear in its place [Baltimore Sun]
  • “Arianna’s the most protean person around,” said Ed Kosner, of Arianna Huffington.” [Observer]
  • Side dish [Rush and Molloy]
  • Freston shows his ‘Fearless’ side [Variety]
  • Nothing to fear but fear — of men, work and wrinkles — itself [Globe & Mail]
  • Arianna’s Revolutionary Party [Elle]


  • Ex-Viacom CEO Freston Gets Huffy Over Crib Party Photos
  • Cronkite, Freston, Others Fete Huffington’s Fearless
  • Janet Jackson’s Publicist, Breasts Deserve Raise

    * As an e-mailer notes, “Wouldn’t that be herself?”