Arianna Just The Way You Like Her

hufspeak.jpgLet’s face it, the Huffington Post is a bit huffy. Sure, Arianna makes good points, but they’re good points that everyone else is making. What sets Arianna apart is that voice of hers. Whether you’re left, right or center, you have to admit it: You’ve got a thing for that accent. The intonation. The sex appeal.

Anyone can say, as she writes on her blog, that “Ned Lamont stands for something. And his opponent, Joe Lieberman, stands for something very different. If the Democratic Party can’t look at this race and decide that it needs to unequivocally rally around Lamont, then maybe it really is too confused to govern.”

But no one can say it out loud in such a way that makes you feel like you’re in for a spanking if you don’t invite Lamont home for dinner.

The folks at BlogTalkRadio have figured this out.

They’re “extending” her blog onto blog radio tomorrow at 2 p.m. The good news for her is that the spot will plug her book. The good news for you, is that she’ll let you listen.