Arianna Huffington Highlights the Power of HuffPost Good News

Huffington was one of 41 media luminaries interviewed for this week's New York magazine cover story.

HuffPostGoodNewsHave you visited HuffPost Good News lately? Stories recently posted include :

Elderly Stranger Pays for Man’s Groceries in Beautiful Moment of Solidarity

Woman Crushing on Bookstore’s Twitter Account Marries the Man Behind It

Hospice Nurse’s Moving Adele Rendition Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons.”

As Arianna Huffington explains to Nick Tabor in an interview gathered for this week’s big New York magazine cover story on the state of the media, this kind of uplifting content has helped make Good News her site’s most socially amplified vertical:

”HuffPost Good News is now the number-one Facebook page site wide, aside from HuffPost’s main Facebook account. And a visitor to a Good News piece is twice as likely to share or comment versus an average HuffPost article. In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, we raised $141,000 with Good News stories like this.”

The embedded hyperlink for Huffington’s words “like this” seems to be missing.* But in a year that has been filled with negative news, it’s heartening to hear that Facebook is moving the needle in the positive direction.

*The link has since been added. The article Huffington was referring to is “After Orlando Shooting, the World Showed Up to Defy Hate With Love.”