Arianna Huffington Reportedly Escorted from Plane by Police for Cell Phone Use

Valleywag is reporting on a supposed eyewitness account of Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington being escorted off a plane by airport police. Huffington’s offense appears to have been refusing to stop using her Blackberry after the plane had left the gate. From Valleywag’s eyewitness tipster:

I was on a United Express shuttle flight from DC to LaGuardia on Saturday night. Arianna Huffington was in my row. She wouldn’t turn off her blackberry, even when we pushed back from the gate; we took off and it became apparent that the phone was still on, which very much upset her neighbor and a burly Brooklyn type a few rows behind her, who started heckling both her and the flight attendant (“Hey lady! Don’t you speak English?” “How come she gets to use her electronic devices but nobody else does?”). Nobody seemed to have any idea who she was. When we landed, both she and the heckler were pulled off the plane first by Port Authority cops….

it was definitely her, i saw her name on the passenger list and there is no mistaking that voice, anyway. she was telling whomever she was on the phone with to keep arizona at the top and not to do a normal roundup.

Well, at least she was breaking the rules for the sake of journalism.