Arianna Huffington: A Living Wage for Journos ‘Still Being Worked Out’

James Rainey’s column today is a weird, school boyish fawning over Arianna Huffington’s tea with special honey and even more specialer cakes.

Just out of the rain, I reached for a handshake and received a kiss on the cheek. I sat on an impossibly plush sofa. Arianna settled in beside me. I got out my pen and tape recorder; Arianna had a maid fetch me tea and a special cake. (“It’s Greek, delicious,” she said. Dee-leee-shoos.)


The only thing notable is that Ms. Huffington admits that we don’t currently have a new media business model that pays journalist a living wage:

“Our site is not built around the freebie,” she said. “Our site is built around very hard-working editors and reporters who do all the curating and aggregating and original content. Then bloggers can write when they want, if they want.” The Huffington Post’s founder and editor in chief acknowledged that the question of how to fund journalism and pay a living wage “is still being worked out.”

What reporting and news gathering shouldn’t be an avocation? Shocking.

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