Fortune Magazine Catches Up With ‘Ari @#$%ing Emanuel’

During that recent sit-down for Rock Center with brothers Rahm and Zeke, Ari Emanuel insisted that lots of therapy had helped him move away from Entourage-worthy volcanic eruptions. But of course, for Fortune magazine senior editor at large Adam Lashinsky and most other journalists, it’s impossible to resist the lure of those tales, still, for the purposes of an article lede about the William Morris Endeavor deal maker:

Sean Parker, the billionaire technology investor and onetime president of Facebook, will never forget being on the receiving end of an Ari Emanuel onslaught. It was 2009. Emanuel, the famous Hollywood agent, had been e-mailing Parker because a friend had suggested they connect…

The article is behind the Fortune paywall. If this content doesn’t spark a few more subscribers, then there is no hope for the future of print media.

Lashinsky breaks down the numbers behind WME’s recent capital injection from Silver Lake Partners and connects with a host of intriguing interview subjects including Les Moonves, Sheryl Sandberg and Joe Scarborough. HBO CEO Richard Plepler also chimes in with intriguing observations about how close (or not) the Jeremy Piven character is to the actual Emanuel. Read the Fortune piece here.