Arcadia Blogger Praises the Patch Competition

When Arcadia Patch came along late last year, it appeared to be gunning for, a four-year-old blog run by Scott Hettrick (pictured). But instead of gearing up for a northeastern LA County community news war, Hettrick decided to feed off the arrival of his competitor in a most unusual way, providing what could be a model for other infringed upon local bloggers.

Hettrick made a deal with Patch to write a bi-weekly column for the site, provided he could link at the end of his pieces to ArcadiasBest. Six months later, he has nothing but kind words for his colleague (and editor) Matt Burch:

I knew I could trust Matt when he called me to have lunch prior to the launch of the site and did not hesitate to give me a direct and honest response when I told him that the concept of Patch sounded like a near duplicate of my own site. “Yes, it is almost exactly the same,” he said…

Matt has been a great editor and a true professional; extraordinarily easy to work with for an editor and always true to his word and very attentive.

Each time Burch and Hettrick meet, the latter tries to introduce his unlikely boss to a new local eatery. One would expect nothing less from a guy who is also on the boards of his local library, Chamber of Commerce, historical society, and downtown business association.