Apparently Senator Rubio Doesn’t Think the Senate Is That Important

Senator vs. Senate

At a town hall today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio espoused some opinions on the usefulness of the legislative branch: “We’re not going to fix America with senators and congressmen,” he told the audience.

While dissing Congress–or any branch of the government, really–by those wishing to be elected to those very offices is a popular if disingenuous trope among many political hopefuls, there’s extra chutzpah points involved if you happen to already serve in the office you’re dissing.

Rubio’s statement was intended to be a defense of criticism over his missing Senate votes while campaigning. Here’s his full response with the “fixing America” line in context:

“I have missed votes this year,” the Florida senator acknowledged. “You know why? Because while as a senator I can help shape the agenda. Only a president can set the agenda. We’re not going to fix America with senators and congressmen.”

Our question: why become a Senator in the first place?