AP to Add More Editors to Political Desk

AP Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee announced to reporters and editors this afternoon that the political editing desk will soon be fully operational. She reported that Michele Salcedo will anchor the desk and outlines how coverage will break down in coming months. For one thing, more editors are on the horizon. She also outlines which reporters will handle each aspect of  Washington coverage as well as beats on the trail such as Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada.

See the internal memo…


With the 2012 campaign building steam, we will open our political editing desk beginning the week of Sept. 12. Michele Salcedo will anchor the desk Monday-Friday from midday to early evening _ working closely with political editor Liz Sidoti to edit and file spot and enterprise stories from WDC political reporters and state-based reporters.

We will add more editors to the political desk in coming months, but we want to get this first, key role in place now since the story will grow significantly in the next few weeks.

Please join me in welcoming Michele to this new role.

A brief outline of where we are on campaign staffing overall, just for internal information:

_ GOP candidates: Phil Elliott, Kasie Hunt (who started last week).
_ Obama re-election: the White House staff and Ken Thomas.
_ Campaign finance: Jack Gillum.
_ Overall coverage and analysis: Chuck Babington.
_ Overall and media: Beth Fouhy.

In addition:
Dave Espo will help us write the debates this fall in addition to a full plate of Congress coverage. Congressional campaign coverage is just starting to ramp up, more on that soon. In addition, Ted’s team of Brett Blackledge, Steve Braun and others are working with Liz, NIRC and the candidate reporters on candidate vetting.

Out in the field, a few key names to be aware of (though this is not exhaustive):
_ New England/New Hampshire: Steve Peoples, Holly Ramer.
_ Iowa: Tom Beaumont, Mike Glover.
_South Carolina: Jim Davenport.
_Nevada: Cristina Silva.

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