AP Counters CNN Wire With Statement

As dozens of newspaper editors gathered in Atlanta this week to hear CNN’s pitch for its new wire service, The Associated Press countered the potential rival Monday with a statement emphasizing its own continued value.

A statement posted on AP.org Monday by Tom Brettingen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing and Chief Revenue Officer, extolls AP’s experience and services:

“The Associated Press is the gold standard in global journalism. AP has 243 bureaus in 97 countries, and is the largest global news network in the world. AP’s video newsgathering agency, APTN, is the world’s leading provider of news video. AP state and regional news coverage is unparalleled in the United States in size and scope.

“We invest hundreds of millions of dollars every year to produce original news and deliver it in formats and systems tailored to meet the needs of newspaper production systems. And, we’re the only news organization innovating to find new revenue streams specifically for member newspapers and broadcasters, such as the Mobile News Network.

“We understand that the current economic challenges mean newspapers are examining all alternatives. Competition is a healthy thing, and AP welcomes it.”

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