AOL Seed Now Scrambling for Overdue SXSW Stories

Seed, AOL’s new news-gathering organization, faces something of a scramble to get its contributors to actually submit their interviews with SXSW musicians. It’s gotten so bad that Seed is now encouraging its writers to send their interviews without photos or bios. Gawker has gotten its hands on a somewhat frantic email (Seed’s SXSW editor forgot to bcc the recipients) from AOL Seed to its contributors.

The email, subject line “Urgent call for assignments,” notes that the deadline for assignments is past and entreats Seed writers to send their work in as soon as possible today.

Citing the youth and inexperience of the Seed recruits, Daily Beast writer Brian Ries has conjectured that, “As far as AOL is concerned, virtually anyone can write this stuff.”

Unless the rock-enthused amateurs in Seed’s journalism army get typing, that assumption may very well prove false. We wonder if the trouble has anything to do with the fact that Seed had originally commissioned $50 an article for in-depth Q&A’s with introductions, band bios and photos.