Weiner’s Finger Farewell: Who Said it, Wrote it Best?

As everyone knows by now, New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner bid adieu to reporters last night by giving at least one of them the middle finger. But how did the Fourth Estate report it and who said it best?

Here we lay it all out for you.

The Good

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on her program today: “Former Congressman Anthony Weiner finished in fifth place in the Democratic primary for mayor. And weiner finished as he began, by saying goodbye to a local NBC news reporter with a one finger salute. Classy.”

CNN blog: “Weiner dodges sexting partner, flips the bird as he rights off.”

Excellent in its own right

The Daily Caller: “Weiner exits NYC mayoral race with his middle finger erect”

TWT’s Cheryl Chumley’s lede: “Talk about going out with a bang. The last image New York City had of former Rep. Anthony Weiner as he drove from his primary election night party — a loser in the mayoral race — was his middle finger, held high in his passenger-side window.”

The New Yorker‘s Amy Davidson: “His expression of joy was strained and sad, with a filmy layer of jitteriness; but then one of the problems with Weiner is that his idea of fun is a pretty strange one. He’d been dodging Sydney Leathers, one of the women he’d communicated with in the guise of Carlos Danger, and would later flash his middle finger at a reporter.”

NPR (website): “Anthony Weiner’s Run Ends With A Flourish Of His Finger”

Jezebel‘s Laura Beck: “Upon losing his bid for the Democratic spot in the NYC mayoral race, Anthony Weiner flips the bird to the press. (At least it was just his finger wagging.)”

New York Post‘s Tara Palmeri’s and Josh Saul’s lede: “Anthony Weiner’s clownish run for mayor ended like a three-ring circus last night, as he admitted to a crushing defeat at a campaign party that ended with him flipping the bird at a reporter.”


HuffPost Headline: “Anthony Weiner Flips The Bird, Ends His Mayoral Campaign Exactly Like You’d Expect Him To”

The Direct Approach

Business Insider: “Anthony Weiner Ends His Campaign By Giving The Press The Finger”

BuzzFeed: “Anthony Weiner Flips Off Reporter After Conceding NYC Race”