Another Angsty Exit From Entrepreneur Mag

155ent.jpgLast month we reported that within a period of one week four staff members of Irvine-based Entrepreneur magazine and had requested buyouts (Entrepreneur Mag Mass Exodus). Our sister blog FishbowlNY contacted the mag’s corporate publisher Ryan Shea, who seemed shocked by the turn of events, but insisted Entrepreneur was doing better than ever. Shea told FBNY that he would combine the salaries of the departing staffers in order to hire “more professional” people to take their roles.

The post reporting Shea’s remarks (Editorial Shake Up At Entrepreneur) received 42 comments, many from current and former disgruntled employees of the company. 42 comments! That’s a whole lot of angry.

This past Friday, Entrepreneur staff writer Dennis Romero was fired, and he’s crafted his angry into a lengthy post on his personal blog. Romero’s rant details his 10 months at the magazine, and expresses frustration with the company’s owners and the revolving door of staff. But his strongest criticism is reserved for editor-in-chief Amy Cosper:

During my experience at Entrepeneur, Cosper could not be bothered to make many assignments, read much copy, edit many sentences or manage many staff members. She once told an incoming editor to find out what the folks back in the cubicles did. This was after she had spent more than half a year at the mag. These were her people — her responsibility. She sometimes asked me and the other staff writer what we were working on, and what deadlines we had — even when she was the only editor left at the mag. She didn’t know what we were doing! She didn’t give us deadlines! Ever!