AnonymASS Tipsters of the Week

Maybe it’s the frenzied panic that descends upon D.C. as we approach WHCD, but the ASSES are out in full force. We can hardly contain the onslaught of ASS, so instead of giving each one their own moment in the sun, we’ll line them up and knock them down in this one post. Let’s start with ASS #1:

“This blog used to have actual news about DC media etc. have you all moved that content to a different blog?”

Dear ASS, we realize that it’s tough for you to read the site as thoroughly as you’d like. But, we have another website that you should REALLY check out. Just click over to Let us know what you think!

As for ASS #2, there is no cure for stupid. This ASS says,

“Your obsession with the Reliable Source is weird. did they turn you down for a job or something? that’s how it reads. just wondering. thanks.”

This is a common argument that many ASSES turn to when they take issue with this site’s content. Do these ASSES realize what site they’re reading? We are media critics. We critique the media. So, why the weird outrage when we do just that? We can only hope that you are enjoying your life filled with demented ignorance.