Report: Former KABC Anchor Anna Chavez Retired Because of Stalkers

San Francisco media blogger Rich Lieberman has shared a chastening bit of history this morning. According to his sources, TV news anchor Anna Chavez‘s sudden retirement from local CBS affiliate KPIX-TV in the late 1990s was predicated on some very serious off-camera circumstances:

One of the main reasons Chavez left TV was because she was being pursued by stalkers – several, in fact, including one individual who was considered “very dangerous” according to sources who worked with Chavez. The stalking episode lasted several months and years, according to the sources who spoke on condition of anonymity…

One victim told me, “It’s well known in the [TV news] industry that many women and some men have had very scary stalkers.” The source said it’s not uncommon for police to become involved, including providing private protection by off-duty officers.

Some will no doubt still question whether Lieberman should have gone public with this belated information. At the same time, there can be valuable lessons learned from how someone like Chavez was able to deal with and resolve this frightening problem. In between establishing herself as a KGO and KPIX news personality, Chavez worked at KABC Los Angeles from 1980 to 1984.