Ann Gerhart Returns to WaPo Style

WaPo‘s Ann Gerhart is returning to the Style section where she will be Senior Writer. For the past two years she has been working for the National and Outlook sections. She first joined Style in 1995 when she wrote for The Reliable Source. The punchy memo says she has “covered more parties than the Salahis have even dreamed of.”

The move happens next month.

Read the internal memo that someone thankfully took time and care to write…

We are delighted to announce that Ann Gerhart is returning to Style.

After two years in National and Outlook, Ann will renew her credentials as
a card-carrying Stylista next month, when she becomes Senior Writer in a
section that she first joined in 1995 as a Reliable Sourcette. In that
first Stylish incarnation, she served with distinction after enduring, she
admits now, months of recurring nightmares about mixing up the Brookings
and Hoover Institutions and identifying them on the wrong end of the
right-left political think-tank axis and then having to run a really
embarrassing correction. Washington gossip can steal your sleep.

Ann became a Style feature writer in 1999 and the section’s features editor
in 2005. She has covered the Sydney Olympics, Hurricane Katrina,
presidential campaigns, beauty pageants and more DC parties than the
Salahis have even dreamed of. During her years directing the section’s
non-arts coverage, Style became the first section to win the Missouri
School of Journalism’s General Excellence Award, for lifestyle journalism,
three years in a row.

Ann moved to National in 2009 as a writer-editor, and she oversaw the
Post’s coverage of the Fort Hood shootings from Killeen and the first weeks
of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and wrote, with Phil Rucker, the
definitive profile of Elena Kagan. She authored a best-selling biography of
Laura Bush, and has appeared on an alphabet soup of television and radio
networks, discussing politics and other conditions. Since December she has
been deputy editor of Outlook, helping to lift the Style quotient of our
contributors’ prose.

In her new role, we expect that Ann will call on all that varied
experience, her formidable energy and what appears to be a genetic
inability to stop producing ideas. She will write across a range of topics,
but bring her voice especially to politics and profiles and the cultural
anthropology of Washington, the power and passions and peculiarities of the
Federal City. We’re also counting on Ann’s talent and experience to inspire
her colleagues and inform Style’s coverage of the 2012 election and beyond.

She starts on Aug. 15.

Please join us in welcoming Ann back to Style.

Kevin   Frances  Lynn