Angry Unemployed Person Rants About Accent Marks

The dictionary says that that one or two page document you send in when applying for a job is a résumé, not a resume. But guess what: accent marks don’t play nice with all systems (and you could end up sending a RSUM by mistake). And even Merriam-Webster says that “resume,” sans accents aigus, is acceptable.

So what the heck is up with Disengaged Judi’s recent rant?

She apparently just realized that “resume” “properly” has accent marks over both “e”s:

I find it strange that with all the job seeking advice out there, many of them include the importance of proofreading to check for spelling and grammar errors, but left out one crucial piece of advice. I have only come across one article…….ONE……in the last three years, who have made a gallant effort pointing out the résumé spelling error. Unfortunately, this article still had it wrong by inserting only one accent instead of two. Who else would have the most concrete advice for perfecting a well-written résumé to captivate the attention of prospective employers? The group of folks that refer to themselves as “resume writing coaches” and resume writing services. Clearly, they are “gurus” in the field as they exert so much energy consulting you what you should or shouldn’t include, and what tired phrases should be omitted. Strangely, not one of them really thought the whole process through, like how to properly spell “résumé” in the first place. But who can be bothered with such details, right?

I mean, technically, she’s right. But this postscript really makes the post:

Upon further research, it appears there seems to be much debate on the proper spelling of résumé. Sadly, it appears that “resume” have become the norm, but is that because the lazy Americans can’t be bothered with inserting foreign accents? In my days of youth, I learned that an outline of an employment background is called a résumé. NO EXCEPTIONS. So who was the moron that decided to change the rules to further perpetuate the lazy American attitude?

Not that any hiring manager has ever not spelled it “résumé” for speed or technical reasons. And they’ll really appreciate being called lazy and moronic.