Angry Journalists and the Man That Moderates Them

Kiyoshi Martinez, the founder of the now infamous gives an interview and insights to E&P columnist, Steve Outing.

When asked for notable quotes and trends on the site, Martinez offers:

Martinez: “The people on the bottom are frustrated by people on the top. Editors, publishers, management, executives, etc. That’s where I’m finding a lot of commenters point their fingers. They’re looking for better leadership and some accountability, not just hot air and new directives from a memo full of buzz words.”


Wrote one journalist: “This is like the last days of the USSR before Gorbachev, when old men in power knew that what stood couldn’t last, but couldn’t be bothered to fix things, since they were going to be dead soon anyway. The media, unfortunately, still has its Brezhnevs and Andropovs in control. But they won’t always be.”


Another wrote: “I spent about an hour today teaching our publisher how to add an attachment to an e-mail. I then had to teach her how to empty the trash can on her computer.” It’s remarkable, really, that there are newsroom leaders who remain unfamiliar with technology. I doubt that a publisher who can’t even use basic e-mail functions can lead her newsroom through the digital transition effectively.

Of course that was the publisher of Abacus Quarterly, so she has an excuse.