Angle Loves Him Some Wine

foxwine.jpgWine Spectator sits down with Fox’s Jim Angle to discuss his love of wine.

    WS: You’ve covered a number of Presidential administrations so far in your career. Do you have any good wine-related stories to share from the Washington trenches?

    JA: Sadly, none of [the Presidents] have been big wine drinkers. [George W.] Bush doesn’t drink at all. Clinton barely drank–he would occasionally have half a beer, but you’d never see him drinking, unlike Nixon, who would knock ’em back! Reagan would have a drink, but he wasn’t really a drinker. [George H.W.] Bush was kind of a social drinker, but none of them drank that much. I would like to see a president with a big cellar, but I think it’s unlikely at this point. But I do think that wine transcends politics. It’s hard to sit down with someone and enjoy a great glass of wine and continue to dwell on the nastiness that seems to pervade Washington politics these days. I’m on the stressful end of this business, but being able to root around in my cellar for hours, or talk about and drink wine with friends … it’s one of the few things that contribute to my being a well-rounded person. Some people whittle, some people ride a motorcycle, and I read about and think about wine.

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