An Andrew McCarthy Travel Writing Sampler

With today’s news that actor and travel writer Andrew McCarthy will be one of the headline attractions at the Los Angeles Times Travel and Adventure Show in March, we decided to sample the latest writings by a man who skipped over the Emmys last year in favor of the Lowell Thomas Award for 2010 Travel Journalist of the Year.

First off, kudos to the people who designed the actor’s website. The “Writing” section features a crisp, chronological display of magazine covers, each one leading to featured article text. McCarthy’s latest article, for the January-February 2011 issue of Westways Magazine, is all about Dublin pub crawls:

I’m headed to The Blue Light Pub, a simple, whitewashed stone structure. It’s a rustic spot with a slate floor and an open hearth. The farmers and country folk who fill it remind me just how quickly the sophistication of the city is left behind in Ireland.

A few women munch from a bag of chips and watch Fair City, the long-running Irish soap opera, on the television above the bar. Men share a smoke outside… Later, a burly man with unruly white hair, who has been silent and nearly invisible all evening, begins to sing, unaccompanied, and without warning. In a tremulous tenor, he recounts a rambling lament of lost love and riches.

Then there’s this recollection of the time McCarthy lived in the “sanctuary” of London’s Chelsea district, published in the December 2010 issue of Mariner. Solid stuff.