Anderson Cooper and Megyn Kelly Are Top Choices for Presidential Debate Moderator in New Poll

Morning Consult conducts a survey.

As the unduly long countdown to determining who will moderate the presidential debates continues, Morning Consult checked in with the people to see who they’d want serving questions to the candidates.

Out of a menu of 22 potential moderators, all either journalists or “television personalities,” CNN host Anderson Cooper topped the list, the pick of 34 percent of survey participants. Fox News host Megyn Kelly came in second, chosen by 25 percent of participants. Rounding out the top five were Fox News host Chris Wallace (22 percent), Former Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer (17 percent), and NBC Nightly News host Lester Holt (16 percent).

The survey included the responses of 2,007 likely voters and was conducted between Aug. 24-27. The first day of the survey happened the same day of a CNN report explaining why the Commission on Presidential Debates hadn’t yet chosen its moderators, something that was accomplished in mid August the last time around.

Some of the delay is attributed to the commission’s efforts to choose a candidate that won’t trigger Donald Trump‘s penchant for doling out media bias accusations. According to the criteria the commission is basing its decision upon, no. 2 poll pick Kelly probably won’t be one of the named moderators.

The Commission is also likely to pass over any television personality who has had a dust-up with either candidate. So while Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been one of the most prominent media personalities in the 2016 cycle because of her public spat with Trump, she will almost certainly not be invited to moderate a debate for exactly that reason.

You can see the rest of the moderator options and how they fared here.