… and boy are, uh, its arms tired

lax.jpegHey, President Bush is in town. So if you see a giant motorcade, it’s probably him. Unless it’s on Robertson, in which case it’s probably Sam Nazarian. Supposedly the California chapter of the GOP is steamed that he’s visiting so close to the special election, what with his rising negatives and all, but it doesn’t seem like anyone’s paying that much attention. He’s mostly here to dedicate an exhibit at the Reagan Library about Air Force One (the plane, not the movie about the plane, or the novelization of the movie about the plane, which I actually read, for reasons not of interest to the general mediabistro.com visitor). Anyway, here’s how he opened his remarks:

PRESIDENT BUSH: (Applause.) Thank you all.

Fred, you forgot to say Air Force One brought me out here to California. (Laughter.)

Wow. Miers is right. He is cool.