(And 0 For ‘Left, Right And Center’)

Mediabistro advertiser Spring Street Networks, whose internet personal ads website dominates the young urbanite market, has introduced keyword searches to their sites, allowing the user to search for prospective mates via any word mentioned in their profile.

Here are how popular KCRW shows break down by number of Los Angeles residents mentioning them in their profiles:

‘This American Life’ (I included results for ‘Ira Glass’): 43
‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ (I included results for ‘Morning Becomes Ecclectic’ and ‘Morning Becomes Eclecctic’ and ‘Nic Harcourt’ and ‘Nick Harcourt’): 14
‘Cafe LA’: 3
‘Says You!’: 1

(Interestingly, in no case did the results vary significantly by gender.)