BREAKING: Ana’s Personal Whirlwind Whishes Her Away From DC

There’s a new development in the saga of longtime Washington journalist Ana Marie Cox. She’s leaving Washington.

For now, she’s in Texas. It’s unclear whether that is where she’ll remain permanently, but she has no plans on returning to Washington. As we’ve told you over the past few months, she left town in March to deal with some personal and family issues. With things on the personal, professional and home front taking their twists and turns, Cox has decided to leave town. All in all we hear she is “good” or that life is at least moving in that direction. But it hasn’t come without major changes. For one thing, FishbowlDC sources tell us her marriage to Yahoo! News’ Chris Lehmann is reportedly ending. For another, she has left GQ even though the magazine’s website hasn’t been altered to reflect her departure. Today she had a story in The Guardian about Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry‘s presidential campaign. It’s her first published story since early in the year.

Cox first gained Washington fame in 2004 as editor of Wonkette. At the time it was  journo-crack for reporters who hung on the site’s every word, especially during the drama of then Hill-aide/sex blogger Jessica Cutler (a.k.a. Washingtonienne). In 2006 her novel Dog Days, a satire of Washington life, was published. That same year she went to work for Time. In 2008 she left. In 2009 she went to work for the now defunct Air America. Soon she began a stint as a contributing editor to Playboy. In 2010 she began her job as Washington correspondent for GQ. In February of this year she went off the grid and left town to deal with personal matters. She was to return in April but never did.

We wish Cox the best in whatever comes next. Her mark on Washington won’t soon be forgotten.


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